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We all want something, to get somewhere, to do something. Wanting to reach a goal or to be successful makes every day more interesting. Having a dream and working toward it is fulfilling. Gib Stewart has always had dreams and goals.

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Chapter 01

Introduction Be RICH

This book tells the story of a couple, my wife and I. When the two of us were confronted with situation after situation, we decided to do something other than just accept the status quo.

Chapter 02

Where It All Started for Us

This story must start here: I stood in a parking lot in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The day was sunny and comfortable—no humidity that day. It was late July 1970, and it was nice that the humidity had lifted. Cool and comfortable.

Chapter 03

Army Life Part

2 March, 1972.After checking in for my refresher class, Grace and I found a nice apartment in Lawton. It was over a garage. We paid something like $73 a month, much less than my military housing allowance, so we felt we were “making money.”

Chapter 04

Start toward Our Investment Dream

Our investment history begins in this atmosphere in late 1974. We were living in Oakland, CA. Grace had moved to a temporary position as a ten-key operator for Texaco, and I was still a management trainee for Beneficial Finance, making loans.

Chapter 05

A College Degree

Grace had been so valuable to and such a good worker for Texaco that when she went into the office to explain that we had decided to move to Tacoma, they offered her a transfer to their south Seattle office.

Chapter 06

Some Permanence

With all these failed attempts to find a job, Grace and I knew something was wrong with me. I would often enjoy a new job, but within six to nine months, I’d be bored and eventually just tire of the job, or I wasn’t even able to do it, or, let me face it, I just failed.

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Establish an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses. Aim to save three to six months’ worth of living expenses in a separate savings account.

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Understand the tax laws and regulations that apply to your income and investments. Explore tax-saving strategies, such as maximizing contributions to tax-advantaged accounts or taking advantage of deductions and credits.


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Roland Gib Stewart

I was born Roland Gibson Stewart, Gibby, or Gib to many. I think I was a 'good kid', a reasonable athlete and a horrible college student. I thank Willamette University for allowing me to graduate. I am curious and interested in people and, as much as I did poorly in school, I am a life-long learner. These things have pushed me along many different avenues. I was a reasonable army officer, an adequate husband and striving, enthusiastic father (according to my kids), an audio book maker (before its time), and an avid traveler. I was a mountain climber, an honorable government servant, a real estate investor, a developer, a manager, and a businessman. I am a website enthusiast, a septuagenarian and now a *Tremendous life partner, a budding author and a publisher. In 1977 my wife and I risked our entire savings of $10,000 and loans from friends totally more than $18,000 to invest in real estate. I retired from state government service at age 50 and started developing dental/medical office buildings. By 2017 we had assets of $30 million and were managing assets of over $70 million. I am now 76 and this year I have already started four new initiatives. I would most like to be remembered most as a mentor and a philanthropist. I am a resident of Palm Springs, California. Gib


CEO and Founder of below-mentioned companies

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Companies Developed by Roland Gib

  • ML Stewart LLC Holding Company, small properties
  • Rice-Stewart Dental Medical Office Building
  • Vine Grove Management & Consulting Inc. Property Management Company
  • Equity Concept Group LLC Property Development Company
  • Barnes Road Professional Campus Building D LLC Dental Medical Office Building
  • Barnes Road Professional Campus LLC Office Campus common area
  • Barnes Road Professional Campus Building C LLC Dental Medical Office Building
  • Barnes Road Professional Campus Building A LLC Dental Medical Office Building
  • Meredith Family Farm 288 Acre Farm
  • Newberg Professional Building LLC Dental Medical Office Building
  • Barnes Road Professional Campus Building B LLC Dental Medical Office Building
  • Pacific Northwest HVAC Heating & Air LLC HVAC Company
  • Grant Avenue LLC Office Building
  • Vantage Point Franchises & More LLC Small Company Holding Company
  • Trust3 purchases struggling websites and improve their performance
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Vanessa Little

Review from Amazon

Interesting journey full of struggles and successes! Gib is definitely highly motivated for success, not only for himself but for his family. Well done! Some of the ideas in the book seem very complicated only because I don’t know much about the real estate world. That being said, it’s motivated me to learn more!

User Image

john michael barber

Review from Amazon

This is a story of a man and a family that worked hard and never cheated anyone. If you want to read book about the American dream this is it. Despite more setbacks than you imagine, he never lost sight of his goal. which was not to earn millions but to raise a great family . A must read.

User Image

Elias Schoengrundner

Review from Amazon

The Books offers great insights from a successful entrepreneur. The Author shares his rich wealth of knowledge & experience in this book and as an young entrepreneur myself, I found his work very motivational & Inspirational. Would recommend for anyone running a business or for anyone considering to run a business.

User Image

Cecile Berry

Review from Amazon

Excellent book! Roland Stewart told a great story of how he and his wife starting very small as young couple and kept expanding their real estate purchases. It only reiterates, to be patient and never give up on your dreams. Great quick read and great advice!!


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